Der Father

After what felt like forever, Der Father unexpectedly resurfaced with their sophomore album.

“Wake Up,” released in 2014, was a promising debut that put the band firmly on the map. However, it was followed by a five-year-long period of silence, as individual members took part in other musical projects and endeavors.

The arrival of their second album, therefore, took everyone by surprise, but it is a worthy successor. While their debut felt more like a loose collection of songs, “Surrender” sounds more consistent, driven by an almost machinic energy.

The band, now expanded to a quartet, plays really tight, creating groovy synthetic music. While some songs exhibit manifestly danceable vibes, others are more freaky, culminating with the sixteen-minute closer (peculiarly called “Start”) that lingers on through minimalist repetition.

Sokołowska is, in my opinion, one of the most compelling vocalist in Poland. On “Surrender” she really shines, displaying extraordinary versatility and conferring her personality upon each song. And the choirs are magnificent, occasionally giving the music an extra kick.

Der Father’s sound is laced with unease, like there was something dark and uncanny lurking behind their otherwise groovy music. This ambiguity, the feeling of things being a little off, creates a very interesting effect and makes me keep coming back to the album, on and on and on…

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