Di Laif

The Guatemalan music scene has been reborn and revitalized with the epic, organic and groovy sounds like Di Laif presents on his new EP, “Los Siete Días”.

At least for the last twenty years, it is known that Guatemalan music has a powerful magnetism to genres like grunge, rock and indie. But with the arrival of such young musicians as Diego Pappa – better known as Di Laif – these new sounds represent the best of mixed culture right now. Musicians like Fraaek, Alex Hentze, Filoxera and others have been mixing electronic sounds with local and global roots.

In the case of Di Laif, his influences come from all around the world with the richness of ancestral beats, intimate connections with Latin American way of being and deep gratefulness for millennial electronic tools. His favorite musicians come from afrobeat king Fela Kuti to Argentinian electro-cumbia producer Chancha Via Circuito. And you can feel this new philosophical way to connect music in his D’n’B and analog beats.

He also works with Mazukamba Beats, a collective of DJ’s and producers that lights up the greatest parties in La Antigua Guatemala and Guatemala City.

Take a deep breath and connect yourself with deep ancient sounds. This 25 years old musician has brought us elegant, beautiful and powerful sounds with his first EP “Los siete días” (“Seven days” in english).

Di Laif experiments with electronic beats, flutes, charangos, native voices and folkloric atmospheres that offer us a global, organic experience. But also, a magical and very impressive one. Pure minimalism. Ancient, groovy and mystical sounds.

Stream “Los Siete Días” EP on Soundcloud.


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