Die Höchste Eisenbahn

Almost three years ago, the Berlin-based quartet Die Höchste Eisenbahn released an album called “Schau in den Lauf Hase”, which was one of my favourites and I still like it. Especially tracks like “Aliens” and “Was machst du dann” always make me smile and dance around a little bit.

Now the band released a new album named “Wer bringt mich jetzt zu den Anderen” on Tapete Records. I think the four-piece band had a lot of fun making this new record and you can hear that in every single song.

The album contains 13 pop songs with warm and catchy melodies and the kind of clever lyrics in German I’ve never heard before. Lyrics you want to learn and sing all the time when you are alone at home – or with your friends on the upcoming tour.

And like they sing in the song “Blume” – “Ich lass dich nie wieder los”, “I’ll never let you go” – you want to sing that to the love of your life and you’ll never sing alone anymore. Give it a try!

Stream “Wer bringt mich jetzt zu den Anderen” LP on Spotify.


Photo: Sonja Stadelmaier

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