Diego Lorenzini

A mesmerizing new song from one of the pivotal figures on the Chilean indie scene.

Diego Lorenzini is a graphic artist, composer, and musician who established Uva Robot, a record label “dedicated to produce and distribute songs made by people that don’t make music for a living.”

He plays with the groups VariosArtistas and Tus Amigos Nuevos. In 2013 he released his first solo EP, “Trenzas ad Honorem,” followed by “Pino,” his full-length debut, in 2016.

His new single, “Billete de Luca” offers a first glimpse of his upcoming sophomore album. Its cover art, created by Lorenzini himself, depicts captain Ignacio Carrera Pinto, a Chilean war hero whose face adorns the one thousand peso notes.

Accordingly, the lyrics of the song concern the complex entanglements of love, money and military conflict. To make matters even more acerbic, it was released on Valentines Day!

Musically, “Billete de Luca” combines odd beats, ukulele, lo-fi electronics and multiple vocals, weaving intricate harmonies that shift in a hypnotic ebb and flow.

It also features contributions from fellow musicians, like Tiare Galaz (Niña Tormenta), Chini Ayarza (Chini and the Technicians), Juan Manuel Daza (Niño Rayo), Rosario Alfonso, Juan Celofán and others.


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