Dina El Wedidi

One of Egypt’s greatest young musicians, Dina El Wedidi is back with her most experimental work yet full of voices, rhythms, but first of all – trains.

Dina El Wedidi (دينا الوديدي‎) has been one of our favourite artists (worldwide) for quite a while alraedy. A super talented and versatile singer, songwriter, sound explorer and cultural pilgrim has become more and more unpredictable in her choices, and that’s been taken to a completely new level with her latest studio effort.

Her new solo album, a follow-up to the 2014 record “Turning Back”, is called “Slumber“. And although it includes 7-tracks, it actually takes us one half-hour trip through noises from trains and stations, as well as electronic textures, chants, rhythms, and all kinds of emotions. All of that intertwines seamlessly yet unexpectedly. You might think this whole spectacle was semi-improvised.

Dina El Wedidi is an incredible songwriter, but this time songs seem to be just one of many elements of the puzzle. Once in a while they do come to the foreground, but quickly dissolve again among mysterious sounds, ambiences, and yes – trains.

While you might find “Slumber” one of the more demanding albums of the recent months, give it a few spins and you’ll discover it becomes more and more gratifying with every listen. At some point, you’d wish the train would never stop.

And here’s what Dina El Wedidi says about the album:

“Slumber is a half-an-hour long musical work. It is also a short dream I have between two worlds. Occurring between the conscious – the train – and the unconscious – the dream, Slumber includes topics about breaking free from time as a concept; about limitations, imagination, love, hallucinations, and mental prisons.”

“That is why this dream is timeless, musically and thoughtfully unrestricted, and primarily consists of personal and experimental ideas.”

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