Dina Jashari

With every new song, she is maturing and convincingly stepping in the direction of one of the more exceptional new artists from our regional music scene!

Dina Jashari is the biggest refreshment of the young alternative Macedonian music scene we’ve all been waiting for. Her great approach to songwriting, beautiful dreamy arrangements, personal lyrics, and unforgettable live performances, brought overwhelming fan response to her music. We are introducing to you her latest single “Kopnezhi” which can be interpret as the sound of her hidden quiet longings.

“Kopnezhi” is a song about the infinite horizon of grief that opens with the passing of a loved one, about how has her life been affected by that whole process. Converting sorrow to lovely melodies that breathe in the fresh air and bring hope.

Showing that there’s something greater and stronger pushing right back, this is her mechanism for dealing with thoughts and feelings, creating soft tunes that we all love and admire.

Her mature approach and the warm amount of kindness and softness in her lyrics and voice are additional reasons why listeners are inspired by her.

The song is written, recorded, and produced by Dina and the good news is: she will soon release her first EP.


Dina Jashari on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

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