Diosque feat. Julieta Venegas

Diosque is one of the most important names in the current indie scene in Argentina. In his career, he’s always made music positioned between folk and pop but with one thing in common: his songwriting talent.

In his most recent album, the groundbreaking “Constante” – number 1 in our Best of 2014 – he decided to focus on the pop side, not losing the fantastic quality of his lyrics.

One day, the Mexican singer Julieta Venegas (Grammy winner) tweeted something about that latest album of Diosque, and they began to interact. The result is this new single, “Toca mis huesos”, a piece that will be included in Diosque’s next release.

In the clip, we can see both of them having a video conference with an iMac 3G, the first iMac which went on sale in 1998.

The new single is B-sided by “Viéndolo”, Diosque’s collaboration with the German singer Molly Nillson, and it’s a cover of a very iconic Argentinean pop band from the 80s, Los Twist. You can listen it on full vía YouTube.


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