Dirty Fingers 脏手指

A richly fluid album layered to the tee in bells, whistles, and exotic guitar riffs.

Shanghai punk rock stalwarts, Dirty Fingers, whose riotous volatile poise has enraptured audiences for years return with their sophomore release “多米力高威威维利星” – pushing their sound into grand new territory whilst retaining the spark that made them so magnetic to begin with (in many ways not dissimilar to how Modest Mouse upped their game of Good New For People Who Love Bad News).

It’s a richly fluid album layered to the tee in bells and whistles, backing vocals, and exotic guitar riffs that one might hear in a derelict Balkan pub.

There’s an playful quality to the way the band is able to sweep you into their vibrant, seductive world – finding order and rhythmic pull (special nod to drummer Li Zhaochi – the band’s new secret weapon) within its chaotic cock-eyed worldview – full of cryptic delusions and feverish musings on life, love, and trying to land on your feet when all the world wants to do is have you crash and burn in glorious fashion.

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