Disco Hue

If you’re anywhere near Singapore right now, you’re a lucky person – as long as you’re attending Music Matters festival starting today. If you’re unconvinced yet, local quartet Disco Hue will help you make the right decision.

Their name is more than appropriate. Disco Hue employ electronic beats and cheerful melodies with one goal in mind: to make you dance. Whether you remember 80s or not, they will wake up some real or artificial sentiments.

But the band’s members – singer Sherlyn, keys player Zie, drummer Billy and guitarist Rush – put so much life into this retro sound and look of their videos that it feels as if they’re inventing all of it right now, for their own generation.

While there are a few dozen other arguments to attend all three nights of Music Matters, Disco Hue will be among the most talented young bands to play at the festival. Here’s the final argument, their recent hit single “I’ll Be Waiting” and one of Singapore’s hymns of the ending summer.

The video comes off Disco Hue’s debut EP “Arcade”, which you can stream on Spotify.


Disco Hue on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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