Distinto is a four piece pop band from Milan. They started in 2011 and just released their third record “C’est La Vie”.

Daniela D’Angelo (voice), Daniele Ferrazzi (guitar), Ivano Rossetti (bass) and Mamo Iodrums (drums, also plays in Io?Drama) play smooth and soulful pop music. Their melodies are always catchy, Daniela’s voice is bright and cheerful and the sound is simple but appealing.

You can hear all of this in their new single, “Lili D’Agosto”, with the guitar that cleverly raises at the right time to foster the climax in the excellent chorus. For Italian speaking listeners, the chorus’ lyrics can immediately stick to your brains:

“Perché io tendo ad impiegare principalmente il mio tempo correndo” (“Because I tend to mainly use my time running”) is not a complex sentence, but it’s a faithful portrait of everyday life for lots of people. And its sound and internal rhythm has an immediate impact on the listener.

You can have a lot of good ideas while keeping the music simple, and Distinto are a perfect example of that.

Stream “C’est La Vie” LP on Bandcamp.


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