Djamshid Sisters

In music, minimalism is a style or technique that is characterized by extreme sparseness and simplicity. A minimal song will set you in the mood for honesty, unveil yourself, keep you either empty or full – nothing in between.

The Djamshid Sisters (האחיות ג’משיד) redefine minimalism with their self-titled debut album. Minimalism, as expressed throughout their album, is actually quite complex. You will find this complexity in every syllable, and you surely don’t need to translate their Hebrew texts to understand every change in the atmosphere those two talented sisters have created.

Accompanied by Aviv Meshulam from Livyatanim and Shahar Elisof, the Djamshid Sisters have recorded over dozen different instruments for this release. From the classic sound of cello and violin to synthesizers, also using samplers now and then. All of this to create rich-complex-minimal, or let us just call it what it really is – dreamy sound.

“Jerusalem”, the 8th track off the album, is a perfect example of their work. 25, only 25 different words, are sung in this song. But it is almost too much for them to tell their story about the place they grew in, the capital of Israel and the ancient city – Jerusalem, of course.

You can stream “Djamshid Sisters” LP in its entirety here.


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