Don L

Don L became known with his rap group Costa a Costa, which debuted in 2007 with the album “Dinheiro, Sexo, Drogas e Violência de Costa a Costa”. Raising issues like money and consumerism, they distinguished themselves from the rest of Brazilian hip-hop which at that time used to rap mostly about urban violence and misery. Costa a Costa opened the scene for new themes.

In the late 2013, Don L released his first solo mixtape “Caro Vapor / Vida e Veneno de Don L”, filled with careful production, autobiographical lyrics and strong determination to become a great artist. The song “Morra bem, viva rápido” (Die well, live fast) comes out of a period of reflection he had after an accident, which made him rethink many things in his life.

Recently, he’s released a new music video for this song, directed by the Portuguese filmmaker João Seguro.

You can listen Don L’s mixtape “Caro Vapor / Vida e Veneno de Don L” on YouTube or download it on Vice. Also consider visiting his official website or following him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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