Donn Bhat

From his debut, unto the previous “Passenger Revelator” to “Connected”, Bhat has evolved greatly as a songwriter, producer and definitely reinstated his guitar playing chops on the new album.

Donn Bhat’s new album has been a long time coming, and perhaps releasing it on short notice was more a blessing than anything else. My favourite song off the record is “Connected”, a tune I had heard many months ago, live and then on a television show. Having it on record feels great, knowing that I have access to it anytime.

As he puts it, it is indeed a love song for the mobile phone and the digital generation. “Connected” begins with a haunting mood, and eventually builds up – much like our midspace as the battery drains up off our phones. While the lyrics aren’t at their eloquent best, Bhat sticks to his simplicity and gets the messages across rather clear.

Also check out “Spinning World”, if you were to pick another song off the record, which you can stream in its entirety here.


Photo: Srijan Mahajan

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