Dream Can (谷水车间)

Psychedelic, groovy, heavy – fantastic debut album from Chinese indie rock band Dream Can (谷水车间).

Strange and beautiful, Dream Can has created a glazed over dollhouse of a debut album, one that gleefully goes down the rabbit hole.

“Into Sparks” (救火人) is equally intimidating and titillating. It hooks you in and keeps your ears constantly on the lookout as it wanders through a psychedelic wonderland chock full of noise rock anarchy, spacey strawberry-tainted melodies, and bewitching siren-like vocals.

Like something straight out of a 70s Russ Meyer film – it’s groovy, heavy, with an ominous edge that constantly reminds you – “everything is not all right”.

Stream “Into Sparks” LP on Bandcamp.


Dream Can on Douban.

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