Crowdfunding gave Polish music at least two great things recently. A new paper music magazine dedicated to local music and a second album from unpredictable quintet drewnofromlas.

Let’s start with their telling name. It’s a combination of two Polish words with an English one between them: drewnofromlas = drewno from las = wood from forest. So woodfromforest perform music they quite appropriately define as “weird”.

For their second album, “Trudne wakacje” (“Tough holidays”), the Gdynia-based band’s collected twice more funds than for their debut record. It shows they’re growing not only as musicians and who knows where they go next time.

As a music that’s full of wordplays and wordless vocaleses based in very Polish/Slavic-sounding melodies, it’s somehow surprising the group has appealed so much to beehype’s international listening team. But it has, tremendously – maybe thanks to its dub and jazz side, but maybe not.

While you can stream this new album on Bandcamp and check out yourself how inclusive it is, above is the lead single and one of the record’s highlights: “Syrena i kot”, or as you have probably guessed: “Siren and Cat”.

Don’t even ask me to explain the lyrics, but Google Translate has it quite right.


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