Duke Bluebeard

Talking about singer-songwriters, what first pops into your mind is anything but Hungary.

Hovewer the lifestyle and mentality we have here justifies melancholy the most, which seasons many folk songs in general.

When this genre appeared in the middle of Europe, some talented men teamed up to create Lone Waltz Records, which delivers us an SP from Duke Bluebeard, also known as A.D. Lukacs who picked his alias after Bartok’s opera.

The SP title „4:20” can first appear as an insider joke, but before you start rolling, press play on both songs and listen to the sound of blanking out.

On “Watiting”, DB worked with Skiing, a Berlin-based US singer-songwriter, leaving you with the feeling of being empty inbetween highs and lows.

If the first song was not choking enough, here is the second one called “On my own”. Probably a lot of us familiar with the feeling of being alone and having to deal with problems alone as well.

The worst part in all this is the point when you realize, you have to deal with your own shit and you can’t turn resposibility aside. Once you going down the hill, you can see how much happines did you waste if you live your life like song no. 1.

Maybe it’s not the happiest SP you have ever heard, but it’s true and a lot of us can relate. Now, you can start rolling.


Photo: Stanislav Bendarjevsky

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