Dulce y Agraz

Not everything happens in Santiago: an artist from the south of Chile has many things to show with her new video which is filled with beautiful colors, melodies and words.

Dulce y Agraz (Daniela González) is a 19-year-old artist from Concepción, who released her first homonimous EP in 2015 and achieved a lot of presence in the local scene thanks to the single “Me reparto en ti“. Dulce y Agraz has performed at festivals like L.I.M.A. in Peru and Impulsar in Ecuador.

Last week, the musician released her video for her last single “Más” (which means “More” in Spanish). The Chilean artist tries to expose the clumsiness of our emotional intelligence and to explore more deeply what being a woman means. Through the melodies and her voice, she presents the qualities that are typically linked to being a woman, like being emotional and fragile.

The song was written and composed by Dulce y Agraz, produced by Cristin Dippel (Niño Cohete) and Juan Pablo Bello. The video was directed by Ángela Jarpa and the art of both – the single and the video – was directed by the Peruvian visual artist, Christi Sari.


Photo: Christi Sari

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