Dwa pokoje

Wife-and-husband duo Dwa pokoje might have been growing up (musically) listening to The Cinematic Orchestra like many of us, as their first single reminds us how powerful the combination of chamber music and pop songwriting can be.

Agata and Wojtek met a few years ago and decided to marry their interests as well as just marry. Earlier this year, they revealed their music project Dwa pokoje (Two Rooms) with an impressive debut single called “To już?”. It seemed too good to be true for a completely new band, but there’s an explanation both for their impressive sound and the video far from what newcomers tend to offer.

Wojtek himself has been drumming in an acclaimed group Jazzpospolita for 8 years now. On this first song, he and Agata are accompanied by a couple of other seasoned musicians, and the string section comes from one of Poland’s most prominent chamber groups, Atom String Quartet.

Likewise, the video was directed by a duo of Piotr Matejkowski and Jakub Burakiewicz, who have also worked with RYSY, Tomek Makowiecki and PRO8L3M. This time, their camera follows dancer and choreographer Tomasz Pomersbach, who’s himself a revelation.

While we’re still enjoying “To już?” (“Is This It?”), we hope to hear more soon as Dwa pokoje are working on their debut EP, and promise the première soon via Jazzpospolita’s Post Post label.


Photo: Panna Tutli Putli

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