Dwagie (大支)

In his powerful new single, acclaimed Taiwanese MC Dwagie reminds us not to believe what we see on the surface.

The most well-known rapper in Taiwan, Dwagie has not only been interviewed by TIME Magazine, CNN and BBC, but he has also featured Dalai Lama, Nas and Mobb Deep in his album tracks. He’s earned international fame because of his continued care for social issues and animal rights.

Dwagie is the founder of legendary rap workshop called Kung Fu Entertainment (人人有功練). He’s been training and educating about hip-hop music, and has been a producer of many stars such as PoeTeK (熊仔), who appeared in our Best of 2015, and MC Xiao (小人). Dwagie is recognized as one of the most important hip-hop voices in Taiwan’s music history.

Taken off his new album “Hard Knock” (硬), the first single “Surface” (表面) features a shining indie music star band Hello Nico. The song describes the blooding truth that people in modern life always believe what they see on the surface, without knowing the truth underneath.

Ironic and powerful, with the different beat methods of rapping, the song itself shows the great talent of Dwagie.

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