Easy Wanderlings

Easy Wanderlings masterfully weaves 8 cathartic tracks in their signature story-telling style and ties them mindfully into a dreamy debut album called “As Written In The Stars“.

Tonally the album would perfectly fit a campfire setting. You would want these around as you smile and introspect looking at the burning flames, or simply stare at the star-lit sky as the album art suggests.

All songs have a raw acoustic base which is seasoned with a variety of bright instrumentations. The album seems sonically fresh due to the various vocalists harmonizing throughout. The crafty lyricism can rarely go unnoticed as these songs tell tales of coming of age, love, sorrow and more.

A personal favorite would be the woeful “Enjoy It While It Lasts” which gave them international recognition. The hauntingly beautiful vocals drool over a melancholy chord progression.

Another would be the track “Dream To Keep Us Going” who’s moody opening is followed by peppy melodies and twinkling guitar notes. The instrumental final track “Going Easy” plays off as a background score to the credit sequence of a lovely travel film. It’s a great end to a great album.

Honestly, there are no noteworthy shortcomings. It covers a spectrum of emotions and strikes a perfect balance between chirpy and reflective. It’s a quality release from a quality band and I for one can’t wait for the Wanderlings to write their name amongst the starts.

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