Echae en Route (이채언루트)

Minimalism is a weird thing. Tone-downed sounds and silence playing the lead role make the music calm and gentle. But sometimes, that kind of calmness can shake feelings of the listener more than a magnificent emotion-driven opus. Maybe that’s the real power of minimalism. The smallest thing creates maximum wave of sentiment.

Violinist and bassist duo Echae en Route’s new single, “Night Drive”, proves they understand the power of minimalism. Unlike their first EP, “Madeline”, emptiness occupies a big territory in this song, both in sound and feelings. Lonesome mandolin and slow drum resonate throughout the whole track, while singer Kang Echae (강이채) sings in the night scenery. Sky is dark, everybody’s gone, and only one car drives through deserted road.

But despite the fact no one is on the road, they keep driving anyway, with lonely yet beautiful violin melody and serene bass guitar of Kwon O-Kyung (권오경). Perhaps that’s a little satisfaction you can enjoy when you drive through a quiet night. Echae en Route certainly know that kind of satisfaction, and that’s why this song can take one humble place in your night drive playlist.


Photo credit: Rie

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