Echo Beatty

A few weeks ago, Echo Beatty released their sophomore album “Nonetheless”, 5 years after their first one. In the meantime the band has played shows all over Europe and even in Canada.~

“Hunger Hunger” is a repetitive downtempo song that’s slowly crawling into your head, fetching itself a permanent spot in your musical memory. It’s dark, it’s folky, it’s mysterious, and in a way it’s even psychedelic, but it doesn’t enable you to perfectly describe it in just a few words. Pop noir, as the band members themselves call it, probably comes as close as it can get.

Have a listen. Annelies and Jochem will take you on a road trip where fascination and distraction travel hand in hand. Not everything may always go as you planned it, sometimes it may be a bit scary, but it will leave you with many stories to share with your friends when you’re back.

Photo: Reinout Bos

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