Dome Palma

It seems that Ecuador’s female songwriter scene has been awakening recently rise with great debut albums from artists like Paola Navarrete and more recently a very promising first EP from Domē Palma.

The mini album titled “Todo Aquí” (released via Cvra Lvdorvm this fall) contains just four tracks. But at least two of them, “Ícaro” and the eponymous closer of the EP, deserve a special attention.

The latter one presents Domē as an open-minded composer and a charismatic performer, starting and ending the song with a multi-layered cry. On the other hand, “Ícaro” is an example of simple but the most beautiful songwriting you’ll find these days not only in the Latin scene.

Now 21 years old, Doménica started singing as a child in a choir and that polyphonic experience seems to have a continuous influence on her even when she’s performing solo, just with an acoustic guitar.

What we can expect from Dome in future? The 14 minutes of music she’s given us yet seems to ask questions rather than give answers about it. But whether she takes a more experimental path or decides we don’t need anything more than the right choice of chords, melody and words – we’ll be listening.

You can stream “Todo Aquí” EP in its entirety here.


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