La Madre Tirana

Raw sentiment and an intense outpour of emotion tinge the tone of La Madre Tirana’s second record. Their energetic live shows have situated them as one of the most interesting outfits among the local rock and roll bands.

“La Madre Tirana II” boasts some great songwriting and masterful arrangements, with string sections and subtle organs, which echo 70’s hispanic rock such as Los Iracundos and the sorts, accompanying some of the album’s highest points.

It’s an artifice used very successfully, and that has been gaining traction with other bands such as United States’ Chicano Batman and Argentina’s Los Espiritus. The album is not, by any means, a one trick pony, however, and remains interesting and diverse from the initial glitchy, angular sounds of “La Madre II” to the heavy, heartfelt chords and singing in “Crucifixión”


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