Between indie pop and rock, EDNA create safe spaces and play against injustice.

Have you ever been so angry that you drew a poster? The musicians from EDNA sing a song about that. “Nerves” and other songs on their debut EP called “Hyperactive Shoegaze” contain personal experiences and the opportunity to give space to resentment and emotions.

EDNA from Bern stand for a safe space within the destructive patriarchy and seek ways to improve their lives through music. Singer Hannah Biedermann puts her feelings perfectly into words. Clear statements, slogans and the possibility of mutual understanding: on “Hyperactive Shoegaze”, the patriarchy is honed, all people invited to enter a dialogue at the same time.

Anna Kalk (guitar), Tabea Kind (bass) and Sonia Loenne (drums) create indie pop and rock, sometimes wistful (“Anymore”), sometimes raw and to the point. The EP is captivating and loud at the right moments, and with “Nerves”, a cracker against male arrogance, a highlight has been created.

Stream “Hyperactive Shoegaze” EP on Bandcamp, Tidal and Spotify.


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Photo: Loïc Baillod

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