Eefje de Visser

Eefje de Visser has to be one of the most consistent singer-songwriters working today.

First, there is the consistency of style. Whether it’s her restrained yet sophisticated sound, subtle vocals, or the prevalence of Dutch language, the music is always immediately recognizable as hers and hers alone.

Second, there is the consistency of quality. De Visser’s albums usually take a few years to develop. As a result, each one comprises a well-thought-out and polished work. Moreover, with each new release, de Visser has managed to maintain the perfect balance between variation and continuity, allowing her music to undergo a subtle evolution, while still bearing her unique mark.

All these are good indicators that her forthcoming fourth album will not disappoint. This is further corroborated by the two very promising singles released ahead of its premiere.

In both cases, the music is unmistakably de Visser’s, while manifestly skewing towards a more electronic sound. “Zwarte Zwon” combines majestic piano chords with otherworldly synths and minimalist beat, to draw the listener into a subliminal groove.

“Lange Vinnen,” in turn, is drenched in pulsating textures and reverbs, with an even more pronounced beat and brooding atmosphere. Characteristically for de Visser, modest means are used to achieve an incredible depth of the music.

Overall, this is an exciting new direction for the singer-songwriter. De Visser seems to be in her element, so let’s hope that her fourth album will continue the streak.


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