Ekin Beril

Impressive debut from one of Turkey’s most exciting young musicians.

Ekin Beril released her debut album “Dualite“, which we have been waiting excitedly for many years. Let me explain why this album is a long-waited one:

Ekin, who is one of the most exciting young musicians in the Turkish scene, has been followed by her fans for 4-5 years now, first on YouTube and then on all social media channels. At first, we started to get to know her with her covers, where she produced all layers of songs. Then we saw her collaborating with divas like Sertab Erener. She released many singles and two EPs during these years. Finally, we come to this precious LP including 11 works, all created by Ekin Beril.

The first video of the album, “Uzayın Dibi” (End of the Space), was directed by Utku Kemal Durmaçalış. The song written by Ekin Beril was edited by Caner Anar (Playjoy), mixed by Emre Nişancı, and mastered by Chris Sansom (Propeller Mastering). Very much like this example, you will hear unique sound elsewhere in Ekin’s album, in all songs.

It is great to witness a young musician like Ekin from the very beginning of her career, and I recommend you don’t miss that chance to witness what’s still to come from her.

Stream “Dualite” LP on Spotify.


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