Ekin Beril

A young Turkish musician who is capable of doing her music alone – with the help of some machines.

Ekin Beril is an electronic musician. She is using her own voice to create loops and layers. At the same time she is playing synths and some other digital equipments to make her music sound really satisfying.

She was making some covers on her YouTube channel – she is still doing it. This is where she caught the attention of both local and international audience. She also sang with one of Turkey’s most powerful voice, Sertab Erener, and they reshaped one of her songs into Ekin’s style. This featuring thing made her famous in Turkey and video of this song played in all music channels for weeks.

This year she released her debut EP, “Melek”, and there are 3 cover songs which are totally reshaped in her own style. The song “Melek” also has a video which is Ekin’s first official clip, directed by Utku Kemal Durmaçalış.

She is living and working both in Istanbul, Turkey and Budapest, Hungary. I believe she will keep doing great things, that’s why you’d better keep your eye on her.

Stream “Melek” EP on Spotify.


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