El Morabba3

Founded by Jordanian songwriter and singer Muhammad Abdullah about 8 years ago, the trio El-Morabba3 (المربّع) have been constantly breaking boundaries of places and genres to deliver their very own version of Arabic alternative.

While you’ll clearly hear global influences in this Amman-based group’s music, as well as their affinity for modern electronic music, precious details like the sound of tabla or quarter tones occasionally remind you where they come from.

As obviously do the lyrics, in the case of their superb new single asking, “Where are you / Where am I / Where are all those who are different”.

This fresh song titled “el Mokhtalifeen” (المختلفين), or “Different”, is an appetizer of El Morabba3’s upcoming new full-length album, their first since 2012’s self-titled LP.

And indeed, we can’t wait.


Photo: Aspire

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