El Otro Grupo

El Otro Grupo (The Other Group) is a band hailing from the sunny Santa Martha, a city known for its beaches and beautiful sunsets.

Nevertheless, this trio’s music hails from different grounds and explores inspirations far beyond tropical landscapes. In fact, their sound feels closer to Britpop than Colombia’s recent explosion of afro-neo-Cumbia movement. Noise-pop from the nights of the northern coasts. “Fragmento” (Fragment) is the second official single off of their soon-to-be-released second record.

This song finds the band crafting guitar riffs, drums and synths up to a higher purpose, a love declaration in a few words, and an exclamation of gratitude for the person that messes up with our heads but brings the most beautiful things out of it, all worldly concepts that suit perfectly the interstellar tone of the mix.


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