El Otro Grupo

One of Colombia’s most underrated bands deliver a stunning new single.

“The best is yet to come,” promises the title of El Otro Grupo’s most recent single. This might be an expression of optimism against all odds, a dash of hope in a period when things don’t appear to be going well for the world.

However, the title might also refer to the upcoming record, a successor to 2017’s “Rompecabezas.” Since the latter was one of the best guitar albums of the year, this would indicate a true masterpiece.

In both cases, this is a heck of a proclamation. And “Lo Mejor Está por Venir” lives up to it. Musically, the song continues where “Rompecabezas” left off. It’s no surprise as it was originally composed during the same session. Nevertheless, its combination of looped guitars, shimmering electronic textures, and floating vocals is still quite impressive.

With almost eight minutes in duration, the song is hypnotic and highly absorbing. El Orto Grupo continue to weave intricate webs of arresting sounds that do bring consolation and, hopefully, herald an up-coming full-length masterpiece.


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