El Otro Grupo

The Stanta Marta-based duo of Moisés Silva and Daniel Fernández delivers one of the most immersive musical experiences of 2017.

After teasing their new album with the first single, released already over a year ago, El Otro Grupo launched a video for another song, “Pueblos Mágicos,” early this year.

However, while their sophomore album can be divided into particular songs, it comprises a ceaseless, continuous stream of music that should be listened to as one, over-fifty-minutes-long piece. In fact, it was released exactly like that.

Entitled “Rompecabezas” or “Puzzle,” it is a record “about life itself and all the things that bring about consequences and emotions during that time.” And the duo have managed to craft a trully intricate sonic universe to match the complexity of the album’s theme.

Employing electronics to modify their sound, they create multiple layers of musical textures, intensities and atmospheres in ways that feel fresh and altogether fascinating.

The musicians use distortions, loops, delays and other effects while retaining a largely guitar-oriented sound and melodic approach to songwriting. The resulting music is totally immersive.

“Rompecabezas” comprises an organic whole of epic proportions. A hypnotic album to lost yourself into and become transformed. Give it a go, and it will certainly leave a lasting impression.

Stream “Rompecabezas” LP here.


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