Ela Minus

On her third EP “Adapt.”, one of our favourite Colombian artists wows us with her airy beats, colourful textures and heavenly vocals.

Gabriela Jimeno also known as Ela Minus appeared in our Best of 2015 and Best of 2016 lists. It’s quite probable you’ll see her again in our upcoming series for 2017 with her new EP called “Adapt.” – a successor to two previous EPs, “First Words” (2015) and “Grow” (2016).

On her new four-track, Jimeno further fosters her “tiny dance”, which is an airy and multi-coloured mixture of synths, arpeggiators, electronic effects and drum machines that still feel very organic, as if Minus was an ethereal music magician from one of Colombia’s mountainous regions rather than a modern producer.

As a whole, “Adapt.” also feels unhurried, even in its fastest song “Ceremony”, which has also received a beautiful video a few months back. The track’s atmosphere and vocal approach might remind some of you about distant – geographically and chronologically – works of the Icelandic band múm on their earliest recordings.

With this fantastic new material, Ela Minus has just finished her European tour as the supporting act for Canadian electronic stars Austra, and now she is travelling around the US for a couple of more shows. Catch her if you can!

Stream “Adapt.” EP on Spotify, Bandcamp and Soundcloud.


Photo: Diego Molano

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