Eli Hsieh

Having emerged from the famous talent show “Top Million Star” when he was just 13, Eli Hsieh (謝震廷) has already earned great reputation for his singing skills. However, because of the changing adolescent voice and self-doubt, Eli later disappeared from the screen for years.

During that time, Eli kept on practicing guitar and has been gradually developing his own style as well as a great songwriting talent. Since 2012, Eli has toured all over Taiwan to gain live performance experiences and present more of his own songs to the general public.

In his latest single “You Found Me”, Eli describes his past struggles, the self-doubt he once felt and the helpless state of mind when you are not being understood.

But just like the middle part to the end of this song – with great rap tune and rock’n’roll guitar bursts – Eli has later become bright and positive. Sooner or later, he will surely become one of the most important singer-songwriters in Taiwan.


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