Elida Almeida

A few months ago, one of our contributors met a Cape Verdean named Danielson in one of London airports. Asked about the best young artist from his homeland, Danielson answered without much hesitation: Elida Alemida.

Born in 1993, Elida had her first singing lessons in a church choir. When she started singing on her own, the challenges life had thrown at her found their way into emotional, honest approach. We could fully experience it on Elida’s debut album, “Ora doci Ora margos“, released in December 2014 in Cape Verde and a few months later internationally.

The record combined Cape Verdean batuque and funana styles with contemporary inspirations, especially in beautiful guitar and piano arrangements. Apart from wide critical acclaim, the album let Elida perform around Europe, Africa and America. And brought a series of charming videos.

Late last month, Elida came back with “Txika”, a new video as captivating as anything she’d given us before. This fresh single depicts a young person not quite happy about living on a small island, and dreaming about a magazine-cover fame.

Elida hasn’t mentioned any plans for her new album yet, so we should take this new single as a one-off, unexpected present from this growing talent. Like Danielson said about his fellow Cape Veredean, “She is new one and good one”. Thanks pal.


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