Elida Høgalmen

With just three tracks out yet, Elida Høgalmen has already become one of the most fascinating singer-songwriters in Scandinavia.

Since the single “Strangers” has appeared on streaming websites late August, we haven’t been able to stop coming back to this song, and honestly we didn’t even try.

Written and sung by Elida Høgalmen, who also plays keys on this track, this song could work as a synonym for “magic” in music, but the sound aura is just the first layer of what makes this 4-minute song special.

The second one is, obviously, Elida’s voice, which for some mysterious reason sounds naive, even childish – and at the same time has the depth of the most soulful soul singers.

Elida has released just three tracks to date – the cinematic first single “The End” exactly one year ago, which was followed by the mesmerizing song “Winter Sun” and recently “Strangers”. A couple of songs more, and we might get one of the best debut albums of the recent years.


Photo: Helge Brekke

Elida Høgalmen on Facebook, Soundcloud.

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