Elis Noa

Elis Noa are four minds which creating a new, smooth kind of pop music together.

Elisa Godino, Aaron Hader, Angel Vassilev and Michael Schatzmann got to know each other while studying Music in Vienna.

They formed their band in 2016, launched their first EP “High” in May 2017 and recently released a musicvideo for their song “Motto” in November 2017.

Well, that sounds like a really good start and a smooth band-history.

They describe their music as a mixture of electronic, art pop and future soul. Elisa Godino, singer of the Viennese band, leads the quartet with her tender and powerful voice.

Together they are not sounding like another boring electronic-pop-project, no, they sound like a classic with new structures, dynamic rhythms and a big portion harmony.

Stream “High” EP here.


Photo: Doris Winder

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