Ellen Steegen

Every time you see one of the first shows of a very promising artist, you hope you have witnessed one of the earliest outings of a future star.

It is exactly what could be happening in the case of Ellen Steegen, a passionate musician who turned 23 in 2017. The first time I saw her live was back in 2011, solo, with a guitar, like many young girls. And boys, for that matter.

Just after that, Ellen started studying jazz in Ghent, dedicating about all of her time to what she loves most: music. You must adore her for her patience, as about 5 years later the young lady has only just released her debut EP “Upstairs”, which is a very good one.

The video that accompanies her single “Keep On Going” says it all. Ellen’s music is perfect to dance to and to brighten up your day. If you’re feeling slightly or terribly unhappy, don’t take medicines. Listen to his tune while watching the clip, it’s going to brighten up your day.

Stream “Upstairs” EP on Spotify.


Photo: Lies Gaethofs Photography

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