Emilie Zoé

Album “The Very Start”, dark and full of feelings, is a great start for you to get to know Emilie Zoé.

Emilie Zoé is a singer-songwriter from Laussane, Switzerland. While winter seems like an end of things, with her new album “The Very Start” it rather means the beginning of things,

As a musician, you need a special kind of strentgh when there’s no band behind you, when you are completely naked, showing off your feelings in front of the listeners. It’s a tough role to play, but Zoé is doing just fine.

Touching, intimate melodies and narrative lyrics are accompanied by her drummer Nicolas Pittet. And when you press play, song after song are flowing from one to the other as a natural follow-up action so, it is hard to decide which song could be called a highlight.

In addition, the artwork by Anaïs Blanchard perfectly describes the music as well. Listen to our recommendation and add the melancholy of her imaginative music to your winter playlist.

Stream “The Very Start” LP on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.


Emilie Zoé on www, Facebook, Instagram.

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