Emisario Greda

Emisario Greda’s first video represents its nostalgic and melancholic style with scenes of the singer, Javier Poduje, travelling through Santiago and his feelings.

The band started as a solo project from Poduje, who released “Papel” (Piloto, 2015) under the name of Pujem (his real-life nickname). After some time, he felt he needed a band, so he recruited Renato Hidalgo, Vicente González, Juan Pablo Aravena and Yaney Salgado (who used to play in Patio Solar and El Cómodo Silencio de los que Hablan Poco).

His new single “Día Bueno” (“Good Day” in Spanish) gives advice and hope through the lyrics – and with its melody. This song makes you want to wait, pause your life and what you’re doing, it gives patience (if that’s possible). Poduje told Noisey that this song was “like touched by a magic wand”.

The song comes from Emisario Greda’s new album, “Anhelario”, released earlier this year on the Quemasucabeza label. While “Día bueno” was composed by Javier Poduje, the video was directed by Martín Muñoz – enjoy it below.

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