Listening to Emmecosta’s new EP, “Untied”, it’s hard to guess that the trio originally hails from the sunny Italy.

Their spacey electronic sound with hints of R&B, which they termed “post-club”, is of a darker tone, reminiscent of the northern parts of the globe. No wonder the trio moved to Gothenburg where they found their new home.

“Thousands of Me” is the first single off the EP. Driven by a downtempo beat with a looped piano it has a manifestly somber and aching vibe.

The mood is further brought out by the expressive voice of the singer, but it’s the brilliant use of the trombone – an instrument rarely associated with electronic music – that really hits the spot.

Accompanied by an equally powerful video that tells a moving story of loss, “Thousands of Me” elicits a truly spine-tingling response.


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