Empty Space On a Chessboard

Considered as the most powerful and prospective band in Taiwan, Empty Space On a Chessboard (棋盤上的空格) is not just an electronic band. Conversely, with the combination of audiovisual effects and rock-based sounds, E.S.O.a.C. creates a totally different experience of listening for the music lovers.

E.S.O.a.C. has released two albums “Quarrel” and “innerSpace” to date, which earned various music awards and favorable comments. They always try different methods to craft and explore sounds about the inner spirit of humanity.

Their new single, “Enter Darkness”, is a huge project by pairing wind instrument players with a female vocals of Stella Chung. Organic, illusive and rhythmical, E.S.O.a.C. this time leads the listeners into a dreamy lost world through heavy electronic/industrial sounds which reminds us the heyday of Nine Inch Nails and Massive Attack.


Photo credit: Sundance Lee

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