Empty Spaces

From Empty Spaces themselves: “Một Cuộc Sống Khác” (Another Life) is the last song on “Tiến Hoá (Evolution) and it is also the one we wrote last. Therefore, the existence of its video is a last-minute plan on our part. We think it’s our finest work after “Xẩm Ngược Đời”. It has a little bit of Alternative and a bit of Psychedelic.”

“The song is structured with a clear build-up and hence, no similar section is repeated. Initially there was only one vocal line by Hưng but due to our own reasons about what sort of vibe we want, we added the vocals from Cường, along with drum machine, bass and arpegiator of the keyboard before using real drums. The end of this song actually circles back to the instrumental opener “Không Trọng Lực” (No Gravity) because we want the album to continue on like a loop.”

“The lyrics are inspired by the writer’s personal thoughts. If you listen closely, you would see the character in the song is surrounded by this utter loneliness in the city, the isolation from his friends and some blaming on his ex. When the song was composed, the writer was struggling with himself in a house rented in Hanoi’s suburban area. The house was vast, empty, and frighteningly silent.”


“In a word, there are 3 parts in the song: loneliness, former relationship and hope. Even though the recorded version doesn’t fully capture the spirit of the song (our live version is a bit different) due to the lack of the desired equipment, but the overall spirit is something we want to follow in our next projects, and hopefully, the next products will sound more complete.”

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