Emre Akbay

Emre Akbay will carry you around in a fast and smooth way.

Today I will introduce you to an independent musician from the Turkish music scene. Emre Akbay has been releasing his singles and albums for 5 years in a constant productive line – without being backed by any label. I’m now sharing with you one of his latest singles, “Hiç Yere” (“For Nothing”), which was released in late September.

That’s a plain song but I don’t mean it is a simple one. The arrangement of the song keeps the tension high without any exaggerated ups and downs. It’s like a continuing roll feeling. You will hear the guitar, double-bass, drums, and vocal together in a harmony from the starting point of the song till the end.

When I’m listening to “Hiç Yere”, I feel the song, like a horse, is carrying me around in a fast and smooth way. It is surprising for me to hear a song that is calm and very rhythmic at the same time.

“Hiç Yere” was written and composed by Emre. In the arrangements, we see Şenol Coşkun’s name, who is also the producer of the single. The artwork belongs to Elif Gökçe Tunçel.

I wonder how you will feel when you listen to this song. I’m highly recommending you make a journey around Emre’s discography on Spotify and meet his wide-ranging compositions. I believe that he will be one of this era’s immortal singer-songwriters.


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