Although clasically trained in his childhood, Khalil Hentati has decided to follow electronic experimentation in his music released under the short monicker Epi.

He’s been sharing his multi-faceted music for about three years now, combining machine sounds with samples of Tunisian tradition both old and new. A good example of that is his take on “Pour Quelques Dinars De Plus” by Imed Alibi (read our short interview about this song).

Released earlier this year, “Khodavanda” is a perfect example of how Khalil avoids the obvious in his music, both genre- and feeling-wise. Is it future-oriented exploration or is it just digging in the past? Does the main theme sooth your nerves or rather comes back to haunt you?

There are no right answers, and that’s what will make you keep Epi’s music on repeat.

Epi on Soundcloud, Facebook.

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