Erki Pärnoja

Do you know Erki Pärnoja? Of course you do by now. But he’s back with a new video “Eha”, which is one of the best works in his catalogue yet.

“Eha” opened our recent playlist with outstanding 2019 premieres for many reasons. You’ll love the every second of this song just because  of its sound. There’s the impressive arrangement, with the core team joined by a string quartet. There’s the whole drama. And of course the haunting vocals that remind you that music loves the Estonian language.

The song also has this timeless (and placeless) feeling – it could come from any decade and any place, as long as it’s up north enough because of all that sentimentality.

Erki Pärnoja, the guitarist of the Estonian chief export group Ewert and The Two Dragons, actually appeared with his solo works several times on our website already. And if we were to commission an official beehype hymn, it’s quite probably we would ask Erki to write the music and lead the international choir.


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