Erki Pärnoja

Sometimes the best things happen spontaneously.

Erki Pärnoja has been mostly known as the guitarist of the internationally acclaimed band Ewert and the Two Dragons, but he’s been also running a solo career with very diverse, very beautiful instrumental releases like last year’s “Efterglow”, one of our Best of 2017 picks.

This year, he’s changed his strategy in many ways with the track “Leva”, which is his first featuring vocals, and also being his first official appearance as a drummer. And if you’ve read a bit about the Beatles or the Rolling Stones, you might already know that the best things often happen accidentally. That’s also a case of this particular song.

“The song came unexpectedly,” says Erki. “I had a day off and just happened to spend it in my studio. I guess it was just good circumstances for something new to happen for me. It must be the most spontaneous thing I’ve done in my musical career.”

It might also be one of his best ones, and one of the weirdest, since the lyrics are actually in Swedish. “You wake up / You breathe in / You fall asleep again / You long for something / So you wait / You wait / You want to live / Live / Before death comes”.

Also check out the live version of “Leva” on YouTube.


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