Ester Rada

While Ester Rada’s consecutive albums appear with clockwork regularity, each after a three-year period, her latest effort signals a substantial shift in her musical style.

Both “Ester Rada” (2014) and “Different Eyes” (2017) presented a vibrant mix of R&B, soul and ethio-jazz. In contrast “חסד,” meaning “grace” or “kindness,” is much more mellow and introspective, moving further into the vocal jazz territory.

Some signs of the things to come might have been found on “Lady,” a mini-album released late last year, on which Rada paid tribute to Billie Holliday’s music. However, “חסד” is sung entirely in Hebrew, showcasing Rada’s interpretative finesse as well as her impressive vocal versatility.

Despite its more contemplative tone, the album is, in fact, quite varied musically. Seemingly delicate, piano-led ballads with lush string arrangements are interrupted by more upbeat, rhythm-driven moments to create a well-rounded whole.

It seems that on “חסד”, Rada has found a new voice without losing any of her artistry.

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