Jakob Juhkam

Multiinstrumentalist and composer Jakob Juhkam treats the listener to a soundtrack appropriate for the springtime of death. Basslines, vocals and guitar riffs suggest that winds are blowing and winter is dawning on the tepid latitudes.

Yet there’s a sense of acceptance of these conditions, enjoyment characteristic to ever-adapting Estonians who find their own solace during the yearly 6-month long (near) polar nights. Perhaps they find it in this kind of music…

“Külm käib läbi keha”, which could be translated as “The cold goes through the body”, comes from Jukham’s new album titled “hh”. It features an vocals soaked in melancholy by Mari-Liis Rebane, talented singer and producer known from Vul Vulpes, as well as Hans Kurvits behind the drums.


Photo credit: Ilmar Saabas

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