Estrada Orchestra

The sophomore release by the Estonian jazz-funk quintet bears the quirky name “Jazzbeatjäätis”, a compound word consisting of ’jazz’, ’beat’, and ’ice cream’.

It’s not a bad option, given that it’s certainly jazzy, whilst it places importance on a pulsating, steady beat, and just like ice cream, it’s enjoyable. “Jäätis” might feel slightly less “out there” than its predecessor, which may be down to the group stirring the sounds into a more concise gumbo than previously. The jazzy character is still there, with the songs’ 5-10 minute timespans yielding plenty of time for the grooves to grow and branch out.

Whilst “Garden of Pleasures” might the best of the bunch in terms of balancing vibe, adventure, and accessibility, Estrada Orchestra have created a concoction that – between the Afrobeat-reminiscent sax, eerie keyboard lines, and dusty aesthetic – sounds and feels like the flea market gem that never was, simply because it hadn’t been made yet. But it’s no museum piece.


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